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Sidewalk Repair & Leveling
Driveway Repair & Leveling
Pool Deck Leveling & Repair
Interior Slab Leveling
Mud Jacking & Slab Jacking Alternatives

Commercial Concrete Repair
Sidewalk & Driveway Leveling
Industrial Building & Warehouse Floor Repair
Bridge Approach & Roadway Leveling
Airport Runway & Railroad Repairs
Void Filling & Erosion Control
Pre-Construction Soil Stabilization

Before and After Pictures from Greeley
Lift and Leveling job in Greeley, CO.

Lift and Leveling job in Greeley, CO.

Before After
Lift and Leveling job in Greeley, CO. Lift and Leveling job in Greeley, CO.

Sidewalk level and Seal in Greeley, CO

Sidewalk level and Seal in Greeley, CO

Before After
Sidewalk level and Seal in Greeley, CO Sidewalk level and Seal in Greeley, CO

Colleen C. had previously sealed her walkway which started to chip away at the joint but shortly after realized the sealant was not adhering to the concrete like she had hoped.  After weather, sun and normal wear and tear it was time to find a better solution.  We installed a 2 Part system which includes PolyLevel foam underneath her sidewalk to level off and fill any voids below; as well, NexusPro joint sealant was injected into each expansion joint to eliminate water penetrating the soil below.  The 2 Part System also includes a transferrable 3 year warranty.

Walkway lift & level in Greeley, CO

Walkway lift & level in Greeley, CO

Before After
Walkway lift & level in Greeley, CO Walkway lift & level in Greeley, CO

Lift, Level and sealed joints and cracks on this relatively new walkway.  We can even fix concrete that has begun to chip away!  Pro Tip: Keep the pieces, we can reattach those pieces and seal the area off to prevent any further breakage.

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Greeley, CO's reliable concrete repair solutions

If you have sinking concrete steps, driveways, pool decks, patios, and more, then these slabs can ruin your property's overall curb appeal and value. Also, since they are also a dangerous falling hazard, they can also cause liability issues. This makes concrete repair services a must for people who want to maintain a valuable, attractive, and secure property.

That is why Sprague Structural Solutions offers innovative concrete leveling, cracked concrete repair, and concrete sealing systems unlike anything on the market. Not only are our solutions more cost-effective, simple to install, and fast-acting, but they also address the actual cause of damage, resulting in a repair that lasts for years to come!

To learn more about our services, schedule a free estimate in Greeley, CO today!

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Sinking sidewalk leveling
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Pool deck repair & leveling
  • Interior slab leveling
  • Mud jacking alternatives
  • Warehouse floor repair
  • Airport runway leveling
  • And more!

Fast-acting & durable concrete leveling

If your property has concrete structures that are damaged and sinking, then they could be affected by poor supporting soils. Whether soils are poorly compacted, flooded, or dry, all of these issues can cause voids underneath the slab and concrete to settle. Other concrete leveling methods promise a stronger structure but fail to address these underlying soil issues. This means you'll have to pay even more to go back and do the job again. Plus, these outdated repair systems are usually complicated, disruptive, and costly to begin with.

That is why Sprague Structural Solutions offers PolyLevel® concrete leveling. With a unique two-part urethane formula, it expands to efficiently fill voids and provide an accurate lift, resulting in repairs that last for years to come!

Advantages of PolyLevel® concrete leveling:

  • Fast-acting
  • Quick, non-invasive installation
  • Provides accurate & durable results
  • Adjustable for loads of all sizes

Need concrete leveling services in Greeley, CO? Contact us online to schedule a free service estimate.

Mess-free & stress-free cracked concrete repair

Cracked concrete is another result of poor supporting soils. If left unrepaired, moisture can seep into the concrete and cause more expensive damage. Most contractors try to address concrete cracks with total replacement, which usually involves disruptive machinery, lots of time, and annoying constraints.

This is why Sprague Structural Solutions offers NexusPro® cracked concrete repair – a powerful sealant that is fast-acting, cost-effective, and incredibly durable!

Advantages of NexusPro® cracked concrete repair:

  • Quick & professionally installed
  • Can be installed all year round
  • Highly resistant for lasting results
  • Cures in just 60 minutes

Click below to schedule a free cracked concrete repair estimate! We proudly serve Greeley, CO and areas nearby.

Protect your slabs with concrete sealing

Once you've effectively restored your slabs, consider extending their lifespan by 3 to 5 times overall with SealantPro™. This highly-resistant concrete sealant permanently bonds with your slabs in just one quick application, protecting them from UV rays, oil, gasoline, debris, and liquids!

Advantages of SealantPro™ concrete sealing:

  • Permanently protects concrete
  • Quickly & professionally installed
  • Prolongs the lifespan of concrete
  • Protects slabs from water, oil, gasoline, other debris & liquids
  • Works on new & existing structures
  • Doesn't need to be reapplied
  • Reduces ice bondage
  • Prevents slab discoloration from exposure to UV rays

Want to prolong the lifespan of your concrete slabs? Contact us online to schedule a free service estimate in Greeley, CO.

Municipal, industrial, & commercial concrete repair

If you need reliable concrete leveling, void filling, soil stabilization, or joint stabilization services, PolyLevel® is adjustable for loads of all sizes. From airport runway repairs to simple sidewalk leveling, Sprague Structural Solutions can handle it all!

Commercial concrete repair applications include:

  • Sidewalk & driveway leveling
  • Industrial warehouse floor repair
  • Bridge approach & roadway leveling
  • Airport runway & railroad repairs
  • Void filling & erosion control
  • Pre-construction soil stabilization
  • And more!

If you need durable commercial, municipal, or industrial concrete repair solutions, contact us online to schedule a service estimate in Greeley, CO.

Schedule a free concrete repair estimate

Don't settle for concrete repair methods that are outdated, expensive, and complicated – contact Sprague Structural Solutions! We offer a suite of slab restoration systems that are long-lasting, mess-free, and stress-free, promising durable results that save you time and money!

Click below to schedule a free estimate on our concrete leveling, concrete sealing, and cracked concrete repair solutions. We proudly serve Greeley, CO and areas nearby.

Job Stories From Greeley, CO
Huge lift and level in Greeley, CO

Colleen's concrete had been slowing settling over the years.  Finally she had enough.  After some measuring and putting a few levels down we were able to determing she needed over a 3" lift in her driveway and 1.5" in her garage.  This one turned out great.  No more trip hazards or speedbump into her garage.  Thank you for your business Colleen! 

Work Requests From Greeley, CO
Project Location: Greeley, CO
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on fixmyconcrete.com that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: Concrete Lifting & Leveling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Driveway settling by garage
Project Location: Greeley, CO
My backyard patio slab is sinking a bit that causes water to pool. I am gathering several bids. Please contact me via email and I can share photos.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
I have large gaps under my front porch, walk way, and driveway where the dirt has settled. My concrete is starting to crack due to this problem.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Hello, I would like to get a quote on repairing my back concrete patio. It has cracked and settled. Thank you
Project Location: Greeley, CO
A crack developed in a joint in the sidewalk in front of entrance door & sidewalk section dropped leaving a 1/2-3/4" step off making it a hazard for a trip & fall. Probably need a concrete lift.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Needing our walkway slab leveled in the front between the driveway and front steps. Should be fairly simple!
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Level concrete and repair crack in backyard. Repair Crack in garage
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Want an estimate for concrete leveling in my driveway.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Sidewalk: Four 3'X5' (approx) concrete sections have settled. Driveway: a piece of the driveway also settled and cracked. That driveway area seems to be about 4'X8' They are safety hazards. We need this area leveled. We are closing on this house on June 1, so the work has to be done following that.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Concrete lifting
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Concrete sinking in areas
Project Location: Greeley, CO
My driveway has settled and has exposed a roughly 2" gap under my porch step. Just looking for an estimate to get it fixed.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
We have a settlement crack on our porch and another one on our step near the front door. I'd like an estimate on polyjacking and mudjacking.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Setting of driveway and front walk. All cracking on joints at this time. Driveway 20' by 20' and front walk and 10' by 10'.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
One slab of 2-car wide driveway is low on one side and tilts high on the other.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Front porch slab is sinking that supports the covered porch. 9 x8 slab. potentially raising garage floor that has sunk a little as well.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Looking to raise steps and patio that have settled leading to frond door of house.
Project Location: Greeley, CO
6x23 ft porch slab that is falling. Has slipped 2-3 inches.
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